Forgotten Rain 
The next step: Cascade Water Cycling

Design Services

Rainwater Harvesting Systems 
Review of existing system, reworking a design
   Design of a new system for a new building
   Retrofit design for an existing building

Designs Involving Low Impact Development (LID) techniques, passive rainwater catchment

Water budgets

Equipment supplies


We work with all types of land use from a single family residence to a complex industrial site. We can work on a micro scale of one system or multiple catchments draining to one system up to a macro rainwater catchment system involving entire communities.  We can additionally assist with innovative designs that do not fit the typical concept. 


We have the following expertise:

PhD work, all but dissertation, focused on Sustainability,

Several certificates dealing with sustainable technologies and energy management,

Accredited Rainwater Professional under the ARCSA training program,

USGBC LEED Accredited Professional BD+C,

Arizona Registered Landscape Architect,

Southwest Representative for Rainwater Management Solutions (Equipment and Designs)


Let us assist you with anything related to water catchment and reuse.

Ground Source Heat Pump Geofields
We can provide the design of an entire field, retrofit a field with a rainwater catchment and infiltration system, or work with a project team to design the entire ground source heat pump system from the beginning.


USGBC LEED Certification
We can work with any design team to assit in attaining LEED points pertaining to rainwater catchment and water reuse. We can assit with 10 to 15 points under the LEED raintg system. It has been state that no other single mechanical or plumbing system equals the potential multi-credit range and depth that rainwater harvesting offers. We can assit with a Gap Analysis to determine which points will be available to your project or to gain the most points we should join the design team from the beginning.

Give us a call or send an email with your project ideas. We will let you know our thought on the project and how to best proceed. Thank you.
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